About DII

The Department of Industrial Engineering, DII, is part of the Faculty of Engineering of the Universidad de Concepción, an entity of recognized international prestige in the fields of Engineering Sciences. Founded in 1993, the DII currently has more than 900 graduates who work in leading national and international companies. The DII seeks to train leading professionals of excellence, creative, innovative, critical, entrepreneurial and socially sensitive; generate advanced knowledge in the various topics related to Industrial Engineering; and provide companies with effective and innovative solutions to their management and production problems. Our students develop in an environment open to diversity and plurality, having access to all the physical, human and logistical resources offered by the University of Concepción, including one of the most beautiful university campuses in the country as a high number of Centers of Technological Development. Our graduates work in positions of high relevance in companies, public and academic organizations, national and international, reflecting a high demand for the Civil Industrial Engineer of the University of Concepción, and in turn forming an extensive social network to which our students.

Carlos Herrera

Director of the Department of Industrial Engineering

We train the professionals that the country needs through a contemporary and national leading engineering program

The Department of Industrial Engineering of the Universidad de Concepción is one of the most prestigious and recognized Industrial Engineering schools in Chile. Our Department works actively promoting excellence in teaching, applied research, relations with industry and various services based on the professional, ethical, value and human development of our students. To achieve these goals, our academics remain in constant contact with research centers, companies and institutions to actively participate in the economic and social development of our country.
The areas in which we currently carry out our activities are management and optimization of operations, management, sustainability, people management, technological management, innovation, economics and finance. The training of our professionals is complemented by all areas of Engineering and with a close relationship with other areas of knowledge. This comprehensive training is possible due to the extensive number of programs developed by our university, for which it has been historically recognized nationally and internationally as one of the best universities in Latin America. We invite you to assume a challenge, the challenge of undertaking a training path to lead the industrial, economic and social decisions of Chile. Come and propose and develop your creativity and new ideas. Join our Department and our Engineering Faculty, the source of great solutions.

Our Results

Accredited for 7 years

+1.000 graduates

90% teachers with doctorate degrees, 100% with masters degrees

+400 students of internal support network

Mobility with the best universities worldwide

1 campus, 20 faculties and 11 research centers

Linkage with industries and companies nationwide

Within the 4 best civil engineering programs in Chile


The Faculty of Engineering of the Universidad de Concepción was awarded the Project "Ingeniería 2030" of Corfo in March 2014. This project seeks to develop a Strategic Plan that allows to achieve world-class standards in undergraduate and graduate training, applied research, technology transfer, technological innovation and entrepreneurship.
The Department of Civil Industrial Engineering (DII) will count, thanks to this project, with Engineers able to provide solutions to complex social and economic problems. In addition, its academics and students will develop high-impact applied research (R&D). The Civil Industrial Engineer UdeC will have the seal of social commitment, improving their ability to understand the behaviors and needs of people.

Ingeniería 2030 +