Sebastián Astroza




Líneas de investigación

  • Modelos de Elección Discreta y Transporte

Títulos profesionales

  • Ph.D. en Ingeniería Civil, University of Texas at Austin, Estados Unidos.
  • Magíster en Transportes, Universidad de Chile, Chile.
  • Ingeniería Civil y MS en Cs. de la Ingeniería Mención Transporte de la Universidad de Chile.


Nombre publicación Link
Astroza, S., P.C. Bhat, C.R. Bhat, R.M. Pendyala, and V.M. Garikapati. (2018). "Understanding activity engagement across weekdays and weekend days: a multivariate multiple discrete-continuous modeling approach". Journal of Choice Modelling, 28, 56-70. link
Astroza, S., V.M. Garikapati, R.M. Pendyala, C.R. Bhat, and P.L. Mokhtarian. (2018). "Representing heterogeneity in structural relationships among multiple choice variables using a latent segmentation approach". Transportation. Forthcoming. link
Nair, G.S., S. Astroza, C.R. Bhat, S. Khoeini and R.M. Pendyala. (2018). "An application of a rank ordered probit modeling approach to understanding level of interest in autonomous vehicles". Transportation, TRB 2018 Special Issue. Forthcoming. link
Singh, A.C., S. Astroza, V.M. Garikapati, R.M. Pendyala, C.R. Bhat, and P.L. Mokhtarian. (2018). "Quantifying the contribution of various factors to household vehicle miles of travel". Transportation Research Part D, 63, 23-36. link
Vinayak, P., F.F. Dias, S. Astroza, C.R. Bhat, R.M. Pendyala, and V.M. Garikapati. (2018). "Accounting for multi-dimensional dependencies among decision-makers within a generalized model framework: an application to understanding shared mobility service usage levels". Transport Policy, 72, 129-137. link
Astroza, S., V.M. Garikapati, C.R. Bhat, R.M. Pendyala, P. Lavieri, and F. Dias. (2017). "Analysis of the impact of technology use on multi-modality and activity-travel characteristics". Transportation Research Record, 2666, 19-28. link
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Bhat, C.R., S. Astroza, and A.C. Bhat. (2016)."On allowing a general form for unobserved heterogeneity in the multiple discrete-continuous probit model: formulation and application to tourism travel". Transportation Research Part B, 86, 223-249. link
Bhat, C.R., S. Astroza, A.C. Bhat, and K. Nagel. (2016)."Incorporating a multiple discrete-continuous outcome in the generalized heterogeneous data model: application to residential self-selection effects analysis in an activity time-use behavior model", Transportation Research Part B, 91, 52-76. link
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Bhat, C.R., S. Astroza, R. Sidharthan, and P. Bhat. (2014). "A multivariate hurdle count data model with an endogenous multiple discrete-continuous selection system". Transportation Research Part B, 63, 77-97. link
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